transform retreats

Why not experience something amazing this summer and kickstart a new you

A Transform retreat is your opportunity to be part of a fun, active, healthy, experience. It will leave you looking great and feeling energised in both body and mind.

Our retreats will empower and support you to step out of your comfort zone, allowing you to push yourself physically & mentally and have a lot of fun in the process. The week long retreat is hosted by Nick Mays & Jon Orum, who have the experience and ability to give you an adventure your going to remember. The retreat has been designed to maximise your weight loss with delicious food that will help promote muscle tone and all-round physical potential.

Our location for your transformation is the picturesque and beautiful island of Mallorca on September 8th-15th. Our venue is a bespoke tranquil and exclusive sanctuary set in natural surroundings.

All Activities are optional & include:
Personal Training, TRX- Circuit & multi-format Exercise Classes, Inspirational Yoga, stunning Hikes, Beach Training, Ocean swimming, Cycling, Running, Sea Kayaking, Sunset hike, Bodywork/Massage.

Total investment:
Cost £2500 per person
(everything included apart from flights)
A room share will attract a 15% price reduction per person.

John Orum

is an experienced multi-skilled trainer & therapist. He has extensive international knowledge of how to organise, structure & and run health retreats. His professional & academic interests are focused on the body-mind connection.
MSc in Exercise & Health Behaviour.
Dip Psych. Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist.
Esalen Certified Therapist.

Nick Mays

Nick is one of the UK's top fat loss and lifestyle coaches. This has enabled him train a variety of clients including high profile celebrities, international royalty and business leaders. He has also featured in leading magazines and national newspapers.